About Dovetail

For over 25 years, industrial designers at Dovetail have been creating innovative and high quality furniture for retail spaces, schools, institutions and homes.

Now 225 people-strong, Dovetail is well regarded for directing our design development strengths into providing not just products, but comprehensive and creative solutions for its clients' needs. The company is suffused with a culture of design, which ensures that our furniture is manufactured and installed with the same care we take in designing it. We have in house capabilities for composite technologies – board, wood, sheet metal, mild steel, stainless steel, painting and polishing, and upholstery. All this ensures a seamless process which we own fully – from understanding the requirement and designing a solution, to manufacture, transport and installation.

Dovetail's institutional furniture is created after intensive ideation that delves into children's behavior and the evolution of schools and classrooms as spaces meant to enhance active learning, focus, engagement and stimulation. Ergonomics and aesthetics intersect with skill and flexibility, adapting to existing guidelines, and manufacturing challenges. The modular nature of the educational furniture makes for a solid long-term investment, allowing refurbishment in the short term at minimal cost. We offer customization to a remarkable degree to refine the classroom, laboratory, library, auditorium or cafe experience.

At Dovetail, we don't just make modern school furniture – we offer complete solutions for inspired, nurturing and comfortable learning environments.