The Dovetail Approach

At Dovetail, design is collaborative. We offer you design assistance, so that together we can create an effective learning environment. Expertly designed educational furniture is fitted perfectly to your school spaces. Our skilled designers work closely with you, adapting to your particular usage of the furniture, whether it is lab tables, school desks, library shelves or computer stands. We take care to understand the constraints of your budget. Most importantly, your school’s philosophy is blended with our furniture design, so that the solution we offer you is a truly complete one.
Based on our discussions with you, our process works like this:
  • We choose the best furniture for your requirements
  • We modify the furniture to suit your specific need
  • Using information provided by you and your Autocad plans, we develop a layout plan for your approval
  • Once you approve the layout, we send you images and cost estimates of the furniture, which include transport and installation
  • Upon receipt of your order, we start production. For labs and libraries, we create a 3D rendering for you. We send you the service drawings at this stage so the site can be readied simultaneously for installation
  • Once the production is completed, the furniture is delivered, within the scheduled delivery time
  • Servicing is free within the warranty period. Post this period, servicing will be charged on actions.

Interested to know more? Call us on 080 6741 5599 or fill up this form we will get back to you.